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Workshops for Photographers

After 14 years of photography experience I am now offering workshop mentoring! This is for newer photographers, or those wanting to jumpstart their creativity, or maybe just fine tune some areas you are struggling with. Maternity and newborn photography is where my heart is. I’d love to share my passion of this genre with you. 

Maternity photography is so much more than just taking a picture of a belly bump. It’s about showcasing glowing mamas as they do the most incredible thing on Earth – create life! It’s about helping these moms see for themselves how breathtaking they truly are. It’s also about capturing the love in that growing family, whether it’s just mom and dad, or a handful of siblings too. 

Newborn photography – how it’s changed over the years! When I started my photography journey in 2008 – newborn posing was just starting to become to a thing. Back then, I had a beanbag from Walmart and blankets from TJ Maxx. While it’s easier now – with all the amazing props, fabrics, and tools created just for newborn photographers, the basics are the same. In the end the most important thing is baby’s safety. In my first year of photography I took a newborn workshop in person with the amazing Rachel Vanoven. From there, I spent years practicing and perfecting my baby skills and creating my own style. It’s something that comes from LOTS and I do means lots of practice, you don’t become an expert overnight. Each baby is different and you have to learn how to read their personalities, and figure out what they like and don’t like. It is important to learn (preferably in person) what you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to posing newborns. 


First of all, this workshop is only available to photographers living OUTSIDE a 100 mile radius of the 33545 zip code. While I am a fan of “community over competition”, I strive to provide a service that is unique from photographers local to me.

  • You will have me to yourself – I only offer workshops that are one-on-one so you aren’t competing for time or information and the workshop can be tailored to your specific learning needs.
  • We will spend the whole day together! We will meet at my studio at 8am, get aquatinted over coffee, then setup for a morning newborn session.
  • Newborn session at 10am – which could last 2-4 hours. During the session you are free to take photos and ask questions as we go along. I will be talking about camera angles, lighting placement, camera settings, and explaining poses as I move the baby. I use studio lighting for newborn sessions, but this knowledge can be applied to natural light as well – you’ll just think of the softbox as a window.
  • After the newborn session you will be provided lunch while we edit a few of the images from the session and I will go over my culling, backup, and editing process. Then we will have a conversation about websites, pricing, and basic SEO. I will review your website and pricing ahead of time, and provide you with feedback and suggestions. 
  • We will prepare for an evening maternity session (studio or outdoor – you can choose when you reserve the workshop). The start time of the maternity session will depend on when sunset is, the session will last 90 minutes. You are also free to take photos and ask questions during this session. I will go over camera settings, what poses I use, and how to focus on flattering facial angles and hand placements. I will also give tips for ensuring great images of couples, and how to capture ones that look authentic and intimate. 
  • After the maternity session I will take you out to dinner and we will talk about anything else not covered that you would like to know! 
  • In addition, we will schedule a 1 hour phone call or zoom 3 months after the workshop, so I can answer any questions that arise as you start applying everything you have learned. We will look at a few of your newer images together and I will provide feedback.
  • Pricing is $3500. $500 deposit due at time of reservation, remaining balance due 1 week before the workshop. 
  • Please email me at tiffanywalenskyphotography@gmail.com