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Leilani | Tampa cake smash photographer

Oh this sweet girl, I wanted to keep her! She was a little unsure about this whole session. We ended up doing an early sunrise session, but even so it was the middle of July and HOT even that early. But in between cuddles with her mama, we got so many cute shots and great smiles. When she smiles, her whole face just lights up. She didn’t want to eat her cake, but she did play with it a little bit. I love the outfit, balloons, and banner that mom brought (from Amazon!) it all came together so cute.

This family chose to do pictures of just the baby, but families are included in first birthday sessions if you want to get some images with parents and/or siblings.

Are you interested in booking your own first birthday or cake smash session? Cake smashes are always optional if you’d rather just focus images of the baby or family. I provide the props (basket, “one” letters, crates to sit on, chalkboard, cake stand, bubble machine) but do not provide cake or cake smash decor (balloons, banner) which you are welcome to bring.