Session Types

Tiffany Walensky Photography specializes in maternity, newborn, and baby’s first year photography. Here’s some more more information about the types of sessions we offer.


Maternity sessions take place when you are 32-34 weeks pregnant and capture you, and if desired, your partner and other children. We focus on capturing the beauty of the pregnant form, and the love that women have for their unborn baby. If partners or other children are included, then we also focus on the love and interaction between the family, and the excitement of the new addition. These sessions can take place in studio or at an outdoor location of your choice. If there are any children being included, we recommend outdoors, as young children do not typically photograph as well in a studio and do better outdoors where there is room to move around, play, and have fun. We provide recommendations for outfits, and have many maternity gowns available for use. Maternity sessions are scheduled Monday-Friday in the evening about an hour before sunset, so session time will depend on the time of year. Studio-only sessions can be scheduled morning or evening.


Fresh 48

We are just recently starting to offer fresh 48 sessions, but currently only to those that will be delivering in the Wesley Chapel area. Unfortunately our schedules do not allow us to be “on call” for locations that are further. Fresh 48 sessions are for those that want to document their baby’s first or second day of life, but without capturing the actual birth. These sessions take place 24-48 hours after birth, while you are still in the hospital and they focus on the newness of your baby, swaddled in hospital gowns and hats. Depending on the time of the session, interactions may include doctor visits, baby’s first bath, baby’s first time meeting a sibling, learning to breastfeed, or just cuddling with mom and dad.



We offer two types of newborn sessions:

Posed Studio Newborn

Posed studio newborn sessions take place 6-14 days after birth, in our Wesley Chapel home studio. These are the pictures of the baby curled up in sweet poses, or using cute props, headband, hats, and swaddles. Pictures with mom, dad, and siblings may be included and typically include just a few posed shots of everyone snuggled up close together. Studio newborn sessions are scheduled Monday-Friday mornings.


Lifestyle Newborn

Lifestyle newborn sessions are very different from posed studio newborn sessions. These sessions are for those that want something more casual and natural for their newborn pictures. These sessions take place 1-4 weeks after birth in the client’s home (while they can take place up to 4 weeks old, earlier is always better when possible). We will focus more on the family and interactions with baby, and will not use props or baby posing. We will take pictures on the master bed, in the baby’s nursery, and sometimes on the couch or in front of a large window. We can include as much or as little of your actual home as you would like; your home does not have to look like something out of a magazine. Lifestyle newborn sessions are scheduled Monday-Friday mornings.


Baby’s First Year

Baby’s first year typically involves 2 or 3 milestone sessions. Either tummy time, sitting up, and first birthday, or just sitting up and first birthday. We go by milestone rather than age, because this provides much more variety to the images and ensures that baby is ready to be photographed without discomfort. Tummy time sessions usually take place around 4 months old (once they can hold their head up easily from a tummy time position), sitting up sessions usually around 6/7 months old (once they can comfortably sit up without help), and first birthday sessions take place close to the first birthday. Of course all babies are different, and age doesn’t matter when it comes to meeting their milestone. Sitting up sessions can be done in studio or outdoors, but we recommend studio for tummy time sessions. First year sessions are scheduled Monday-Friday, either in the morning or evening about an hour before sunset, so session time will depend on the time of year.


Baby’s First Birthday

Some people skip the first year milestone sessions and just do a first birthday session. This is such a fun time to celebrate, and is usually a great age for a photo session. These sessions can include a cake smash if desired, or just a few fun first birthday themed props. Cake smashes can be done in studio or outdoors. Mom and dad are welcome and encouraged to be in some family photos as well, if the session is outdoors. First birthday sessions are scheduled Monday-Friday, either in the morning or evening about an hour before sunset, so session time will depend on the time of year.