I have to admit, the ‘about’ page has always been my least favorite page on my website. I’ve always been more of a behind the scenes kind of person, which is why being behind the camera suits me so well. Rather than only telling you random things about myself, I’d rather talk about you. More specifically, why you won’t regret having me document your maternity, newborn, and baby photography. 


I am a licensed professional. 

I have been in business since 2008 and have photographed thousands of people during this time. I am a planner, well organized, and pay close attention to details. These are things you will notice in the end result of your photographs. 


I am confident in my skills. 

I have photographed women of all shapes and sizes and know how to make you look your best. That’s probably the number one thing that holds us women back from being photographed. We need to lose weight, we need to get our hair done, we don’t have anything to wear, we are too swollen during pregnancy, we are too exhausted after a newborn… the list goes on. I’m here to tell you, you will never regret having your picture taken in the long run, but you will regret it if you don't. However, you should do your homework and hire someone you are positive you are going to be happy working with. It doesn’t matter if you don’t currently look like a magazine cover model. (Let’s be real, nobody looks like that in real life anyways.) But in ten, twenty, fifty years… your memories will fade. Pictures will be all that you have, and they will become your most treasured possession. Which brings me to my next point.


I don’t sell ‘just digitals’.

Yes, I do offer digital images if you’re sure that’s all you want to purchase, but I offer so much more. I compose my pictures with an end product in mind and ensure that I frame my shots in a way that will look great spread across a canvas or cropped in an album. Again, when you are wanting to look back on these images in ten or fifty years, that flash drive with your digital images may be lost, or damaged, or completely obsolete due to rapidly changing technology. I print my images on the highest quality products available so that, with care, they will last many generations to come. This means you can pass these images onto your children and their children. You just can’t get that kind of quality printing at your local drugstore (if you print them at all, and sadly, many don't end up getting around to it.)


I’ve been told I have the patience of a saint.

I’m not sure about that exactly, but in this profession, you do have to have a pretty high level of patience. This applies to mamas that need lots of coaching on posing during maternity sessions, newborns that need plenty of soothing, cuddling, and feeding breaks during newborn sessions, and especially to big brothers and sisters being included in a maternity or newborn session. This is a very big event in their life and often throws off their behavior. I don't schedule sessions back to back, which means sessions are not timed and there is never a rush. We can take as long as necessary to get the shots we need. 


And the random stuff…

If you’ve made it this far and are still interested, here’s the random stuff. I am a native to this area, having been born and raised in the Tampa area, as were both my parents. I’ve never lived anywhere else, but I dream to someday live near the Smoky Mountains. Tennessee is my happy place and my favorite place to vacation. I’ve been married to my husband Mark since 2005, and we have two daughters. When I’m not working, you can find me spending time with my family, visiting the Disney theme parks, reading (I’m a huge bookworm), walking my dog, or working slowly on writing a novel that I hope to publish one day. 


Enough about me, I want to hear about you! 

Contact me today, I can’t wait to start planning the perfect photography session for your family. 

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